About us

About us and the sous-vide technology


Our story is not long, but full of enthusiasm and elan.

We create products, which:

  • discover the delight of food,
  • preserve the nutritional features and the usefulness of the meat,
  • grant spare time,
  • turn the housewife into a chef from the most exquisite restaurant!

The sous-vide – (in vacuum from French) technology means slow cooking in vacuum at a low temperature . It’s considered that the founder of this method is the french chef Georges Pralus. He has used it for the first time in the 70’s of the 20th century. Facing the challenge of cooking goose liver with the perfect texture, he achieves perfect results – milder flavor and consistency and minimizes the weight loss.

The essence of the technology is to close the raw materials (meat, fish, fruits and vegetables) into bags, pull out the air, whereupon products are cooked in water (or water vapor) at a constant temperature. The temperature shouldn’t be more than 80°C and it shouldn’t vary. The constant temperature is the key to a perfect consistency of the final product. The cooking duration may reach up to 48 hours, depending on the raw product.

That way we:

  • give the meat more tender and delicate texture;
  • preserve the color, aroma, vitamins and beneficial features – the low temperature preserves the cell membrane;
  • keep the biologically active substances unchanged thanks to cooking in vacuum – in terms of their nutritional properties (proteins, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins) and their flavors;
  • prevent the development of microorganisms and extend the shelf life – minimum 30 days for storage from 0°C till +4°C;
  • guarantee a superb result for a very short time;
  • provide pleasure with no effort!